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About Horbury Foot Clinic


What ever your foot related concern, hard skin, corns, callus, dry skin, bunions, ingrowing toenails, fungal nails, athletes foot, struggling to cut own nails due to mobility or poor eyesight, bio mechanical and gait related issues. Horbury Foot clinic can address your concerns alleviating foot pain and making your feet feel like new.


The clinic has a reputation for providing a outstanding service we are dedicated to building long-lasting relationships based on trust and medical integrity with every single patient.


If the way your feet look is just as important as how good they feel then the clinic's aesthetic Podiatry options are for you, The clinic is the first in the area to offer Gehwol Toe Nail Reconstruction which makes problem unsightly nails a thing of the past and beautiful toe nails something to be proud of.

We also offer Dr Remedy nail varnish application as an additional option for a routine treatment.


Horbury Foot Clinic is a small and friendly podiatry & chiropody clinic run by foot & lower limb specialist Sarah Louise Brook, BSc Hons MChs Cert ED. I have completed a Honours Degree in Podiatry (Chiropody) and I am a member of The College of Podiatry and The Institute of Chiropody and Podiatry.

A passion for helping others look and feel good has led me from training and working for many years as a beauty therapist down the path of podiatry a career that allows me to provide my patients with high quality clinical and aesthetic care. As a professional podiatrist since 2014, i bring a holistic approach to podiatry in order to find comfortable and effective solutions for everyone.


Horbury Foot Clinic


15 Queen Street, Horbury