Horbury Village Partnership

Redbox Gallery

Horbury the home of the Redbox Gallery - curated by Graham Roberts.

Visit often to see the latest exhibitions, artists details and what is planned for the future.

Horbury Remembers 80 years.

Horbury Calling!Redbox Gallery has a new installation, concieved and created
by Stathis Dimitriadis. The messages, stamped on clay tiles, were devised by members of the public
at a workshop held at The Cluntergate Centre.

May 2019 - JUNGLE TIGER MOON created by Artist Tony Wade

Jungle Moon Tiger, a great creative collaboration between Blackburn Florists and Tony Wade.
The work is linked to the Fansambagorical Parade, which passed through Horbury on Saturday 25th May.
Jungle Moon Tiger has now closed - watch out for the tiger - he may be prowling!


MARCH 2019 - HORBURY HERBARIUM Created by Helen Thomas

Helen spent time looking for various plants that grown around Horbury.
The artwork is based on Helen’s finding.

BIRDS ON A WIRE - Created by Tony Wade

Birds on a Wire launch at the Redbox Gallery Horbury. T
hank you to Graham Roberts, Horbury Civic Society and the participants from Horbury Library!
The gallery was opened by wakefield Council's Cultural Cabinet Member Cllr Jacqui Speight