Horbury Village Partnership

About di BOSCO

A unique European coffee and champagne bar situated in Horbury Bridge,
on the outskirts of Horbury.
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Opening Hours

Day Hours
Monday 8am until 7.30pm
Tuesday 8am until 7.30pm
Wednesday 8am until 7.30pm
Thursday 8am until 7.30pm
Friday 8am until 10pm
Saturday 8am until 11pm
Sunday 9am until 6pm

Why di Bosco Coffee?

We connected with di Bosco Coffee through an alumni school conference in Bangkok, Thailand and have become the sole UK importer, distributor and retailer of this wonderful brand.

di Bosco Coffee is part of a Fair-Trade initiative established for coffee farmers in Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand, as a result of the ever lower prices being offered for coffee beans, by major companies, based in the west.

Fair Trade coffee sales in the U.K. have grown from £15.5m in 2000 to £194m in 2011 and is now around £250m annually.

di Bosco Coffee specialists offer and pay a fair price to the local farmers, who in turn also roast it locally before distributing it to well over 250 indie coffee shops in Asia.

It is now being used in Australia, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam.

di Bosco Horbury is the first UK based coffee bar to use this coffee and we have ordered the first 2 tonnes…………which is on its way to us right now!!


201 Bridge Rd, Horbury. Bridge, Horbury. WF4 5PR