Horbury Village Partnership

About Benjamin’s Pet Boutique

The name Benjamin’s Boutique comes from our beloved boy Ben, sadly he is no longer with us. A lot of our inspiration for the shop comes from Ben, our natural treat section would've definitely of been Bens heaven he loved nothing more being laid on the rug chomping on a pork roll after a lovely walk.

We are a family run business with our passion for animals at the heart of everything do. We aim to make you and your pets happy, offer sound advice and good value for money.

We as consumers of pet products for many years were forever receiving conflicted advice, lied to, ripped off and emotionally blackmailed into buying products that in reflection weren’t all that great and paid over odds for the pleasure! This is NOT us or what we stand for - were here to provide great products at a much lower price than most pet establishments - why would we do that?

  1. We’re not in the business of ripping people off.
  2. The more the products cost the less you can buy - which overall isn’t the best for your pets.
  3. We dont need or want a profit margin of 60% plus!

Try us for yourselves and I can promise you - you will be more than pleasantly surprised and leave with your bank balance intact!


15 Queen Street, Horbury, WF4 5JG